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What is the best way to reduce cholesterol without medicines?

Alternacare Doctor

Ms Tamanna Narang

  M.sc (Foods & Nutrition )

Replied 2017-02-16 06:05:19 UTC

High cholesterol levels can lead to diseases like atherosclerosis, Coronary artery disease, and if unattended, can also lead to MI. These are the few steps to which can help in lowering as well as keeping your cholesterol levels in check. Close monitoring of food intake - To include foods highly rich in fiber content like oats, beans, barely, whole grains. To reduce the intake or avoid Red meat. (as it contains high cholesterol content).Using combination of oils will be more effective to maintain the cholesterol levels such as rice bran, canola, saffola, sunflower oil, mustard oil and olive oil. Exercise - Always ensure to go for a brisk walk after the meals (at least 100 steps) Aerobic exercises at least half an hour a day can do wonders in lowering cholesterol levels. Monitor your cholesterol levels- Always be updated about your cholesterol levels by getting your lipid profile checked once in three months.


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