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What is the ayurvedic treatment for ringworm?

Alternacare Doctor

Dr Sandeep Madaan

  M.D.AYURVEDA |Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery

Replied 2017-02-20 10:14:27 UTC

Ayurveda mentions skin problems as maha and kshudra . Ringworm is mentioned as Dadru in Ayurvedic literature. The management includes local as well as oral medicine for its complete cure Locally effective herbs /medicine are Application of a mixture of karanja oil and neem oil Application of mahamarichayadi oil Rubbing a copper coin with lemon juice on affected area Orally the medicines prescribed are usually broad spectrum anti microbials and those to relieve inflammation and itching. Many formulations based upon constitution of sufferer and severity of problem are prescribed. These include arogya vardhini vati, gandhak rasayana, ras manikya, kaishor gugglu, maha manjishthadi Arista and khadirarishta. The dosage prescribed are dependent upon severity of the disease.

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