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Is there any way to control the level of triglycerides?

The level of Triglycerides keeps on fluctuating. While on pills (Roseday 10mg) it got reduced but when I stopped taking pills, it's elevated now. I am following the right food and routine exercise. 

Alternacare Doctor

Ms Tamanna Narang

  M.sc (Foods & Nutrition )

Replied 2017-03-02 07:24:26 UTC

Cholesterol is everyone’s need. But too much cholesterol can cause trouble for your health. High cholesterol can cause Cardio Vascular disease. Like coronary heart disease, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease

To maintain the cholesterol & triglycerides you need to be particular about the type of oil you are using for cooking, food choices & physical activity in the schedule. Waking is a very effective remedy to maintain the cholesterol & triglyceride levels. Do a brisk walk for 40-45 minutes everyday. Use a combination of oils for cooking such as rice bran, canola oil, saffola, safflower, mustard oil for cooking. If you are overweight try to reduce weight.
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