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What should I do to conceive a baby? I am married since past 8 years but still childless.

Alternacare Doctor

Dr Monika Sahotra

  MD - Physician

Replied 2017-03-28 10:41:53 UTC

Infertility is a big problem this day. 1 out of every 10 couple is childless around the globe. This problem not just impacts the relationship between the husband and wife but also give a hard time to the family. If you’re unable to conceive a baby yet, then the Doctors have to do a proper investigation to rule out the cause of infertility in your case. For Female, there are some hormone tests lie FSK and LH, ultrasound, that she has to go through in order to know more about the cause of the problem. Also, Doctors should know about the menstrual cycle of the female counterpart. There are some other factors like Thyroid, which can affect the pregnancy as well, so Doctors w and about her thyroid problem so it needs a proper examination.
For Male, there are multiple problems like sperm infertility, motility of the sperm, so the male counterpart also has to go through under such tests in order to rule our the real cause of the problem.
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