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Is there any cure of Loose Motion?

I had home cooked Chicken last night and had half boiled egg with milk in the morning. Since then I am facing loose motion. Please suggest me the cure.

Alternacare Doctor

Dr Sujit Kr Sharma


Replied 2017-03-31 11:44:21 UTC

The loose motion refers to the frequent passage of stools which are loose and watery. Such movements are very common. It may cause the loss of water & minerals from the body. Anyone can have this problem anytime. There’s a loss of water from the body in this case and it may cause dehydration. It may cause weakness, loss of appetite; stomach pain and etc.
I would suggest you maintain your fluid balance. Because loose motion may cause dehydration which directly affects your health. Also, take ORS. It’s very important in the case of loose motion. For some days move to light diet like Khichdi. Also, If motions are in excess, then consult your doctor now.
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