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Is there any chance of std ,having sex with married woman

I have been doing unprotected sex with married woman,not unmarried ,last msg was written in wrong sentence , apologies for that now my question is she has been doing sex with her husband now he doesn't have Interest in that so I am doing sex with her now is there any chance of std

Alternacare Doctor

Dr Sandeep Madaan

  M.D.AYURVEDA |Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery

Replied 2017-02-22 10:52:59 UTC

The chances of STD increase when we have multiple sexual partners.It is very important to understand that without getting the investigations done, you can never be sure . So, it is very strongly recommended that you go for the following tests and be sure . VDRL,HIV 1and 2, HSV 1and 2, Antibody for chlamydia trachomatis and HCV antibody test.

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