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I have a fibroid measure 27by25 in my uterus. Should I go for IVF?

Alternacare Doctor

Dr Sunita Kothari


Replied 2017-02-22 03:54:53 UTC

The success of concieving through IVF with a fibroid completely depends on the size of fibroid and its location. Sometimes pregnancy may take place along with fibroid. But it is advised to go to a good IVF clinic and get it checked up by the IVF expert . Removing the fibroid (if needed , depending upon the size) and then going for the IVF will definitely help you to concieve. Also for better suggestions you can request a call back (https://alterna.care/request-callback) or call us at (888-26-44444) for us to be able to help you better by directly connecting to you.

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