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How do I get lean and fit in a few months?

Alternacare Doctor

Ms Tamanna Narang

  M.sc (Foods & Nutrition )

Replied 2017-02-08 07:59:29 UTC

Weight reduction is the scientific process & in order to reduce weight, your body should be in the negative energy balance i.e you’re spending more calories than you’re consuming, This energy “deficit” actually leads to weight loss because the body is burning more energy than it’s taking in, but you don’t have to starve yourself rather you need to very careful about your food

Choices & timings. Just try to bring these small changes in your schedule to reduce weight.


Important Considerations

Eat small & quite frequent meals

Low energy nutrient rich foods like green vegetables, whole grains & fruits salads should be selected. Toned milk & products made from these are preferable to whole milk & whole milk products. Cooking methods such as boiling, steaming , baking/roasting should be preferred

Restricted amounts of oil should be used in cooking with emphasis on use of different oils

Include more of dietary fiber in daily diet like whole grains, vegetables, fruit with skin and seeds.

Foods to be avoided or used in restricted amounts include: sugar , jaggery , jam , sweets, mithai, cakes, chocolates, aerated beverages, sweetened fruit juices. fried foods, rich gravies, cream based desserts and salad dressings. Root vegetables like potato, sweet potato & fruits like mangoes, grapes, Bournvita & Horlicks.

Foods which may be used liberally include salads without oil dressing, tea and coffee without sugar, lemon juice without sugar

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