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Refer your friends and earn money when they consult with Alternacare


Consult with Alternacare and receive referral code

Share referral code with friends/family

Earn Rs. 20 when they consult with Alternacare for the first three times


You can earn cash points by inviting friends and relatives to use Alternacare. Your invite code is sent to you by SMS and/or email upon successful completion of a consultation with Alternacare. You can share it with friends and family who will get 50% discount every time they use the coupon to use Alternacare.

Using the referral coupon code-

Your friends and family can use the referral code by three ways-

  1. Going to Alternacare website and registering for a call back and applying the coupon code. In this case, 50% discount is automatically applied upon the first three consultations
  2. Calling Alternacare and requesting our operators to give you 50% discount by telling them your referral code
  3. You can share your referral link, which is shared with you on SMS and email, from time to time, with your friends and family. They can click on the referral link and register for a call back. They would be entitled to a 50% discount right away

Personal invite codes should only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. This means you are welcome to share your invite link with your personal connections via social media as long as you are the primary content owner.

Public distribution of a personal invite code on sites where you are a contributor but not the primary content owner (Wikipedia, coupon websites, etc) is not permitted. Promoting your referral code via search engine marketing (AdWords, Yahoo, Bing, etc) is also not permitted.

Referral promotion codes are applicable to new users as well as existing users. User reserves the right to suspend a patient account and revoke any referral promotions earned in violation of our terms of service.

How much can you earn?

You can earn Rs. 20 worth of points for every friend referred by you who takes a paid consultation on Alternacare. Friends are permitted to use your referral coupon for getting discount on first three consultations. You would be notified each time along with the total balance of your points. There is no limit on the number of patients that you can refer to Alternacare and your earnings are practically unlimited provided you refer genuine people to consult with Alternacare.

How to redeem points?

In order for you to redeem referral earnings, you need to accumulate a minimum of Rs. 100 before becoming eligible for redemption. You would receive a mini statement on your email and/or phone once in 15 days stating the number of friends that you referred to Alternacare and your balance earnings. You would also receive automatic credit of referral earnings once in 15 days for all genuine paid consultations referred by you provided you cross the minimum earnings barrier of Rs. 100.


  1. This program is called Alternacare Patient Referral Program
  2. This program is valid only on refers and consultations by new and existing users on Alternacare
  3. The users need to complete a paid consultation to become eligible members of this program
  4. Members of this program can earn cash points by referring friends and family within the Terms of Use and as per the Terms & Conditions of this program
  5. Reward points for one referral through the app is fixed at 20 reward points for each paid consultation, subject to changes
  6. Points once redeemed are non-negotiable, non-returnable and non-exchangeable
  7. Each time a referred patient makes a paid consultation, original referrer earns Rs. 20 worth of points
  8. All reward points, unused, will expire after 12 months of credit.
  9. By participating in the Program, the user agrees to be legally bound by and abide by the below stated terms & conditions (T&C). Member confirms and acknowledges that they have read, understood and agreed to conform to these Terms and Conditions. ‘Alternacare’ reserves the right to amend, modify, change, add or terminate these terms and conditions or discontinue the Patient Referral program without further notice.
  10. By participating in this program, users have given Alternacare the right to their name and photograph for the purpose of this campaign including announcing your name as an eligible user on social media, Alternacare platform, or in public domain.
  11. Alternacare will not be responsible for any claims arising out of technical failures before, during the program or after the completion including but not limited to any technical failures in the mobile connectivity, any action that has been initiated, actioned or completed through his/her mobile phone, failure of servers or the failure to provide the correct score updates or any failures arising out of technical snags or resultant inability of the user.
  12. Alternacare reserves the right to extend, cancel, discontinue, prematurely withdraw, change, alter or modify this program or any part thereof including the eligibility criteria, the T&C and reward at their sole discretion at any time during its validity as may be required including in view of business exigencies and/or changes by a regulatory authority and/or statutory changes and/or any reasons beyond their control and the same shall be binding on the users.
  13. Alternacare does not make any commitment, express or implied to respond to any feedback, suggestion and/or queries of the users
  14. Patient needs to enter the referral code for the first consultation otherwise he is not allowed to use somebody’s referral code for the 2nd time onwards
  15. If the patient tries to apply a patient referral code on the 2nd,3rd, 4th time after he has a paid(undiscounted) consultation record on the first occasion, he is NOT allowed to do that
  16. In case of any disputes, final discretion will be exercised by Alternacare team. Any dispute arising out of this offer and terms & conditions of this campaign shall first be attempted to be resolved amicably through negotiations. In the event, amicable settlement fails, the dispute shall be referred to Mediation. The venue of Mediation shall be at Delhi.
  17. These Terms and Conditions are subject to Indian law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Delhi

In case of any disputes, final discretion will be exercised by Alternacare. The Company reserves the rights to terminate the Program at any time and / or change, modify, withdraw or extend the Program and/or Terms and Conditions or replace it wholly or partially by another program, without any prior notice and/or correspondence in this regard. Members will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to be the part of Referral Program.

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